Candles, Car Perfumes, and Candles Melts are ALL AVAILABLE!

The Journey

The journey getting to become a well known Shimmer Soy Candle business is very unique. Some might say, how did this all happen so quickly? My asnwer is God! Between a business name, website, the correct formula, and sending out free samples, all happened in less than a month. I know right?! Sounds crazy!!  God literally took the wheel for Scented Kindly!

The Journey:

November 2019, I was in a seminar class, kind of listening to my professor but not really. He was talking about love and Jesus which was ironic because a bible scripture (1 Corinthians 16:14) popped up on my phone. It was truly interesting how this scripture popped on my phone the exact same time my professor was teaching about it. I immediately text my best friend and told her, I am opening up a candle business and it must be done with love and happiness. She was immediately down to help!

Being a young African American woman, I truly did not know where to start and did not have a lot of resources but I knew I was going to do it. I simply closed my eyes (yes while I was in class) and prayed and asked God to send me a business name. Several hours later while driving home from class, Scented Kindly popped into my head. I text my best friend and told my parents, they all agreed! 

Through endless amounts of prayer, laughter, frustration, and happiness, I was able to get the website up and the right formula together. I knew Scented Kindly had to be unique so adding shimmer into every candle would do the job! 

Months later, Scented Kindly is known for its amazing Shimmer Soy Candles. Our candles now, fill the room with happiness, love, and joy due to the amazing fragrances dancing around in the room. 

This is Scented Kindly's journey! I hope you enjoyed reading it!