Candle Melts

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Candle Melts are truly unique and one of a kind! 

It is safe to use in the home without worrying about a possible fire. 

How to use candle melts:

1. Open the candle melt clamshell. 

2. Break off one or two cubes (it is up to your liking)

3. Turn on your candle melt warmer

4. Let the warmer melt your soy wax cubes 

5. Enjoy!

How long will my candle melts last?

It will last over 40 hours! But please remember, it also depends if you turn your melter on and off. Some may leave the melts on 24/7 and some turn their melts on and off. It is 100% based to your liking!

How do I get rid of the wax in my melter?

1. If you have the Signature Wax Warmer, wait until the wax is 100% solid. You will be able to pop the wax out with the silicone dish. 

2. If you have a regular wax warmer, either you can pop the dish into the freezer or you can use cotton balls to soak up the hot wax. 

3. discard the solid wax or the cotton balls. 


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